BMG Funds are available to Canadian residents, and are available in all ten Canadian provinces, and the Territories. In certain circumstances, BMG Funds are available to residents of other countries. Residents of other countries should contact their financial advisor for further information.

Working with an Investment Advisor

BMG offers Class A units of BMG Funds through commission-based Investment Advisors that receive trailer fees of 1% for a total management fee of 2.25%. Class F units are sold through fee-based advisors with a management fee of 1.25% with no trailer fees payable. In addition to the Management Expense Ratio, Investment Advisors may charge a fee for their services.If your financial advisor is not registered to sell BMG Funds, please have him or her contact RBC Investor and Treasury Service toll-free at 1.866. 241.6484 with their dealer rep code. Do you need a financial advisor who understands the role precious metals play in wealth preservation? We can help. Contact us and we will recommend a financial advisor with your best interests in mind.

Working with a Discount Brokerage Firm

BMG offers Class D units of BMG Funds through Discount Brokerage platforms for the .do-it-yourself. investors. The investor does not receive investment or financial advice. BMG.s Class D units have a total management fee of 1.50% that includes a trailer fee of 0.25% for the discount brokerage firm to compensate them for proving the service. No sales charges apply when you buy or sell Class D units of the BMG Funds. Instead, you may have to pay a fee directly to the discount broker.

Investors in Class D units enjoy lower management fees with the benefit of making their own investment decisions. There are no additional fees to switch to Class D from any other class of the same BMG Fund.